Huge interactive crossword


Over 130 Arduino Nano, 130 RFID readers, 750W RGB LEDs.

This is Huge interactive crossword which one I made for National Museum in Warsaw.

Each letter has RFID tag. Under the table are custom made circuits with Arduino Nano, RFID Reader and WS2812B. There is 130 of those circuits and the are connected by I2C interface together to Arduino Mega 2560 which is main brain.
So basically table recognize letters and take proper actions.
-when there is no letter: LED are dimmed white
-when letter is good: LED are green
-when letter is bad: LED are red
-when whole word is completed: LED play colorful animation
Main controller (Arduino Mega 2560) communicates with PC by RS-232.
This PC play special graphic visualization on the wall.
On the wall each word has graphic visualization.
When whole crossword is completed whole table doing disco :) +sound effects.

The “Anything Goes” Museum. Exhibition curated by children,18.html


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