Real Time GPS Tracker


Real Time GPS Tracking system.
This one was made for special purposes. Mostly for TV transmission from Tour de Pologne cycling race.








This system must meet some extra requirements:

- Real time GPS(lat/lon/alt/speed) positions update (every 2 seconds)
- Accurate distance to finish in meters
- Precise position (I use GPS and GLONASS)
- Log current environment temperature
- Log battery level and work whole day on one charge
- Be able to work 99% of race time which is mostly at mountains where GSM signal is sometimes very week.

To meet last requirement I design this tracker to keep simultaneously two independent GPRS connections to two independent GSM providers.
So each device have two GPRS modems. This solution work very well.
Every thing is custom made for this project (hardware and software).
Case was 3D printed on Dynamake Trinity.

Tracking system consist:
- 3 trackers (leader, escape and peleton
- 1 tracker for judge
- .Net Web Server Application which receive data
- .Net WinForms Application to process and control system
- .Net Web Application to present real time posiotion on Google Maps
- .Net Special Application which provide processed data for Blackburst GFX engine which is displaying gfx on TV signal.


Web interface
Zrzut ekranu 2014-07-28 11.15.49

Web tool which helps processing path
Zrzut ekranu 2014-02-26 13.52.57

Control application
Zrzut ekranu 2014-08-03 19.34.01

You can watch how it is working here:

Look at the graphics on top/botom left corner.

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